We take only the best.  We compensate accordingly.  Our staff is kept deliberately and strategically small and with only extremely skilled members.  We reward experience, professionalism and creativity with flexibility, a politics-free, 100% non-toxic work environment, and the best co-workers and clients in the industry.

We won’t lie – it’s extremely competitive to become a member of this company.  Positions are treasured and turn-over is practically nada.  That said,…

  • If you are made of a different breed
  • If you turn your nose up at the waste, inefficiency and inexperience of typical agencies
  • If you are queasy at the thought of passing the costs of overhead, training to junior professionals, and agency mistakes and inefficiency onto the client
  • If you are an expert in your field, and have the experience and demonstrable skills to prove it
  • If you are ready to be reinvigorated and challenged by a team of equally amazing professionals

…then we may have a place for you at Chart Room Creative.

vacant positions

Interested parties for any of the below openings should contact our HR directly through with name, contact information, resume, and links to sample applications or site pages demonstrating code-work for which you were directly responsible.

JavaScript Ninja

We currently have a potential contract-to-hire vacancy for a JavaScript ninja.  This position would require in-depth working knowledge and experience with angular.js, node.js, jQuery and AJAX (obviously), and be flexible with JavaScript both on the front-end and command line.  The right person for this position will need to demonstrate their knowledge with tangible web application products for which they were lead on development and should have 5-10 years of experience with JavaScript.  This position will potentially wade into waters murkied by development in C++, C#, Swift, HTML, CSS, and some Python and Perl.  Though in-depth knowledge of these languages is not necessary for the job, if you are a beast developer and have in-depth knowledge in any of these you would DEFINITELY have our attention.

Individuals need not apply if they do not, at a minimum, characterize themselves as a A) JavaScript bad-ass, B) JS-beast, C) .js Ninja 3rd-class, or D) Wizengamut-level .js wizard.

potential talents

We differentiate ourselves on the outstanding skills, talent, professional experience and creativity of our very select team. If you’ve got chops and want to be a part of a better, different marketing group, we want to hear from you.

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