Salty Like A Sailor, Sweet Like A Poet


We started Chart Room Creative unofficially a couple decades ago in a hidden gem, hole-in-the-wall bar of the Florida Keys.  The bar was called The Chart Room, and it became a mecca for artists, adventurers and explorers – bet you didn’t know about it!  Jimmy Buffett, the great treasurer hunter Mel Fisher, and countless others have graced its hard-to-find doors. You see, chart rooms were a place where plans were made, dreams were planned, and voyages began.

To chart a voyage required vision, skill, science, experience, and creativity around hurdles and routes. When we began CRC, we had a vision – to be the mariners of marketing, the adventurers of advertising, the cartographers of creative. Like many of the old salts who belly up at the ol’ Chart Room Bar, we pride ourselves on zero bull$%@# culture.  We are results-oriented, skilled and experienced professionals, born in the fires of the big ad agencies of New York. But we’ve set the path for CRC to be different from the other ad agencies you may meet.

When we first started an annual journey to the Keys and nestled in amongst locals who were typically the only people who knew how to find the Chart Room, we found the stories, passion, creativity, and dreams of the patrons to be far more intoxicating than anything that could be bought or served behind the bar. We swore that if we ever created a marketing agency, it would be zero b.s., 100% honest, and uniquely suited to innovation, creativity, and to artists, dreamers, and scientists alike.

After years leading global marketing strategy digitally, and running one of the most successful professional photography agencies in the Triad of North Carolina, we formalized Chart Room Creative.  Our goal has always been to move away from the oft’ toxic and overhead-laden atmosphere of formal advertising agencies and marketing groups, and create something new and better – for us and for you.

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