The Origin of Chartroom Creative

At what point does a company come into being? Is it the idea or the execution? To the folks at Chart Room Creative, ideas convert to execution seamlessly. It is part of our method and philosophy.

So, where did we come from? The art of navigating the waters has evolved with time and technology, from stars and nautical-rules to GPS. You could say navigating the world of marketing and connecting with clients has also changed from a predominantly mass media format of TV, radio and print to the highly individualized, interactive and intercontinental form of the World Wide Web. Where costly media was developed with an inherently long development cycle and was placed with archaic formulas and best guesses around ratings and impressions, now people can place their messages and put their products in front of thousands of their target audience at a fraction of the cost and time.

We are navigators of the marketing mix. We take your concept and products, analyze the target, map the perfect positioning for your Website, and place it for you.

We come from a variety of backgrounds, former communications experts even English teachers - to media buyers of television and web in the largest of markets and with the largest of clients. We come from interactive design, global Web management at top companies, and interactive and basal code developers of many shapes and sizes.

Mostly, we are lovers of the ocean literally and metaphorically. The last realm of the unknown, we see the internet and the powers of the Web and its social frontiers as a small cenote in a massive unexplored ocean. We make it our job to explore, to be on the forefront of the latest and greatest in Web development and to guide you through the waters to your clients.

Founder Sean McGinnis is a loyal frequenter of Key West, FL and a lover of all things nautical. His favorite bar is a hidden-away treasure of the island, not likely found by tourists and cruise ship neophytes. The name? The Chartroom Bar.

He conceptualized Chart Room Creative while shelling peanuts, brainstorming with friends, and soaking in the old salt atmosphere of wreck divers and conch locals. Creation is nothing without organization and navigation; and you are a fool to launch into the waters of Mother, Mother Ocean without a map. Hence, Chart Room Creative was born. Our goal is to take the pearls of your business and voice and safely navigate you to the shores of your beloved clients. And it is a task we love dearly.